Quick Assignments

Think of a "Quick Assignment" as a pre-made task template.
The process of creating a Quick Assignment is identical to the one of creating a standard task however you can choose to set or not set any fields (unlike a standard task where you must set staff, task types, assets etc).
You can use any or all of these settings for a Quick Assignment:
  • Type (Task, Project, Inspection Now)
  • Inspection Template (if it is a checklist or inspection)
  • Task Category
  • Task Type
  • Priority
  • Asset(s)
  • Staff/Crew
  • Supervisor Notes
The Quick Assignment will fill in any fields preset in the template to save you time and reduce clicks when creating tasks.
Whatever task options are not pre-set in the Quick Assignment can be set in the task assignment screen after selecting the Quick Assignment of your choice. 
Any task that happens frequently (but not regularly enough to be set as a scheduled task) makes a good candidate for being set up as a Quick Assignment template to save you time. Having Quick Assignments can be especially helpful when out in the field. 
Here are several other creative use ideas:
Select a group of staff as a crew but select no other task parameters. You have now created a reusable crew that you can assign again and again to tasks without having to go in and select those specific crew members every time you create a task for them.
If you select Inspection Now and set an Inspection Template and an asset for a Quick Assignment, you can create a way for staff to quickly assign themselves an inspection to be done right away for anything else that gets inspected frequently such as a pool. This reduces the need to create a large amount of scheduled, recurring tasks.